ACS has a multitude of financial reports and statistical information available including:

      • RVU (total or work RVU) charge volume reporting by CPT Modality, Doctor, and/or Facility detail
      • Monthly and YTD financial reports including charge volumes, payment volumes, charge and payment adjustments, and key indicators (gross collection percentage, net collection percentage, average charge amounts, charge frequency, AR turnover, AR ratio, days in AR, and AR aging)
      • Monthly and YTD financial reports by Insurance, CPT Modality, Doctor, and Facility detail. (This report has the option to print all months as of the current month-end or the option to select a specific month-end which will produce the prior 12 months of data.)
      • Monthly and YTD Referring Physician reports
      • Monthly and YTD financial graphs
      • Monthly and YTD E/M graphs

These standard reports are available at any time and can be accessed by clients through our propriety software. Additionally, ACS has an internally developed Query Program Language. Every field in our billing package can be queried into a report in many different formats. These queries can be sent to a comma delimited file which is a standard file type that a number of various data-manipulation programs can recognize and understand, including Microsoft Excel.

ACS also supplies supplementary reports including Dashboard, Matched Net, key indicators (provided monthly), statistical analysis, 3rd party payment analysis, modality comparisons, practice mix analysis, and various reports that are specialty specific. Client’s input is encouraged and welcomed.


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