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Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc. operates to provide our clients with exceptional compliance and productivity with a specific focus on the complexities and nuances associated with revenue cycle management in the ever changing healthcare industry. ACS has more combined experience than any other company of our kind.


Donald Dupuis

is the founder and chief executive officer of Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS). He has over forty years of experience in the industry. Donald has been instrumental in pioneering the use of computers and practice management software to simplify and facilitate billing for medical practices. Under his leadership ACS has become one of the largest providers of physician healthcare software and revenue cycle management solutions in the nation. Donald’s efforts have fostered a reputation for ACS as a market leader in comprehensive revenue cycle management and medical billing consulting.


Tim Anderson

President of ACS, has over twenty-five years of experience in the medical billing arena. As president of one of the nation’s largest revenue cycle management companies, his primary responsibility is to study the ever-changing medical billing industry and ensure that our client base is working prospectively towards adapting to these changes. Tim’s accomplishments and expertise include the marketing of the ACS proprietary software, the successful corporate commitment to compliance, the management of client and payer relationships, and service as a policy advisor to various governmental agencies and legislative task forces for medical billing issues.


Michelle Hanks

is the Executive Vice President of ACS. She joined the company in 1983. Michelle is a senior operational and management executive with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of physician billing and revenue cycle management. She is especially effective at building high-performance teams dedicated to improving and maximizing revenue with an uncompromised commitment to compliance. Her areas of expertise include medical billing and collections procedures for multiple specialties, practice compliance procedures, medical office administration and procedures, advanced coding, information/billing system integration and conversion, and payer policies and procedures.


Peggy Kelly

Chief Operating Officer of ACS, has over twenty-five years of progressive positions in the medical billing arena. She has successfully overseen various operational areas including medical billing and collections, practice compliance procedures, managed care contract facilitation, fee schedule review and analysis, and integration with hospitals. Peggy has held numerous national and state society leadership roles in her career and is a member of the provider advisory group committee with Medicare.


Adrian Baudoin

Vice President of Business Development, is responsible for software customer and technology partner relationships. An engineer by training, he earned his BSEE in 1998. After starting his career with a Fortune 100 computer corporation, he joined ACS in 2000. He received his MBA in 2007. He brings a broad range of technical and communications experience.


Jim Domingue

is a member of the Board of Directors and is the Vice President of Asset Management for ACS. He has been with the company since 1975. He has been a principal architect in the development of ACS’s communications network. Jim is responsible for supervising the Technical Department and is involved in the installation of all peripheral computer equipment necessary to support ACS software applications. He also maintains the physical plant operations and security of all ACS locations.


Phyllis Poole

CFO/HR Director of ACS, has over thirty years of experience in the accounting and human resources fields. Phyllis joined ACS in 1998. Her primary role includes interacting with and supporting the executive team with key financial information and operational analytics. She also coordinates implementation of services, policies, and programs through Human Resources staff and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.


Greg Degeyter

is Vice President of Research and Development. Greg has been part of the technical and software development teams since 1985. His current duties include design and development of practice management software enhancements along with direct oversight of data migration and system integration services. Greg was a member of the Development Team responsible for our proprietary practice management software.


Bryan Dupre'

Vice President of Software Services, is an integral part of our Programming Department and has been with ACS since 1981. He is responsible for the supervision and maintenance of programs for electronic processing of payments through the ACS proprietary software. He has extensive experience in data conversion, automated processes and customer support. Bryan was a member of the Development Team responsible for our proprietary practice management software.


Danielle Cromwell

is general counsel for ACS. She received her law degree in 2001 and has concentrated her practice in the area of healthcare law. Danielle provides assistance and guidance on Medicare/Medicaid regulatory issues, fraud and abuse, compliance issues, reimbursement, HIPAA compliance, and managed care issues. She works to answer day-to-day operational and compliance questions and to accomplish long-term projects of the company. She was appointed to serve on a Provider Balance Billing Study Group by Chairs of the House and Senate Insurance Committees.


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