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ACS is a leader in medical systems software and services. ACS maintains a proprietary software package, ACS CompuMed, which was originally developed in 1983 to simplify and facilitate the billing functions of medical practices. This focus continues today with a staff of in-house programmers who maintain and develop our proprietary software.  

 The strength of ACS is the unique advantage we enjoy of being a software vendor as well as a provider of revenue cycle management services. This allows us to create the appropriate software tools to ultimately maximize reimbursement for the thousands of providers who select our services. ACS maintains one version of ACS CompuMed, so ACS Software Service Plan users enjoy the same software tool that our expert billers and coders use.

  Enhancements to ACS CompuMed occur regularly to keep pace with industry requirements and provide feature upgrades. These software releases are easily installed over the network for instant access to the new features. ACS CompuMed installs on virtually any Windows PC. Since the server carries the load, your PC only needs minimal processing power and very little disk space.


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TF: 800.375.2271
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