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 i3-ACS Medical Business Solutions was founded in 1969 at a time when computer generation was just becoming a reality.

i3-ACS Medical Business Solutions serves a gamut of specialties across the academic and private sectors.


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CompuMed History

i3-ACS Medical Business Solutions’ proprietary software, CompuMed, was originally launched in 1983. Its powerful core services simplify and maximize functions of medical practices.

  • Organize and Facilitate Billing
  • Maximize Billing Reimbursement
CompuMed was developed by i3-ACS Medical Business Solutions software engineers. This team is led by experienced professionals, some of whom have been with i3-ACS Medical Business Solutions since the launch of CompuMed over 30 years ago.

Streamlining Medical Billing

i3-ACS Medical Business Solutions provides Revenue Cycle Management and consulting services to:

  • Academic Teaching Facilities
  • Hospital Employed Providers
  • Stand-Alone Physician Practices
The i3-ACS Medical Business Solutions commitment to excellence has resulted in maximized efficiencies and improved revenue industry wide.

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