Our Story

ACS (Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc.) was founded in 1969 at a time when the computer generation was becoming a reality. Following the lead of the United States bureau of the census, financial institutions starting designing systems to begin using a machine to manipulate and store data.

The massive size of these devices required large secure rooms with extensive air conditioning systems, raised floors for wiring, and fire retardant systems to protect data.

Computer systems development during the sixties, seventies and eighties was moving at a dizzying pace. It seemed as though every manufacturing company had to develop its own version of a computer system. IBM, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Burroughs, RCA, and Xerox, were just a fraction of companies developing computer processing systems.

Of course, all of these computers had their own individual operating systems and software. Software developed on one system would not run on a competitor’s system. This put a burden on development and slowed the progress of computerization.

As operating systems were developed to run across platforms and multiple computer companies were merging and being bought out, the progress of computer development and usage grew at an astounding pace.

ACS started with the use of punched card computer systems and tape storage, and has continually transformed to present day SQL servers. The speed and storage capacities of these machines today are now second nature.

At the start, ACS picked up records from the client and processed the data. We then returned usable information back to the client via courier services. In today’s environment this work history is so foreign. Computer systems today are accessed from anywhere by laptop, cell phone, and users expect no interruption of service with warp speed as a requirement.

Today, users often take for granted the care needed to secure data. Users expect that with the advent of cloud processing, data is automatically secure, and there is no need to investigate further.

ACS software systems have evolved from the very beginning of computerization, and we are very aware of pitfalls and proper protocol to insure the best product. The market will accept nothing else.

Our present day client base has high expectations for analytics and real time data sharing. ACS offers a unique focus on Academic Institutions and their needs for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and unique reporting, e.g. UPL, Residency tracking, auditing requirements.

In working with healthcare organizations, ACS is challenged to perform at the highest level of automation. Healthcare providers have a need to absorb and analyze data quickly..they seldom waste time, for “Time is Money.”


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