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Revenue Cycle Management

ACS combines the functions of A/R Management and Administrative and Consulting services into a solution that can fit any practice, thereby allowing providers to put their focus on their patients.


With the rapid reform currently affecting the Healthcare industry, our team of consultants and managers are involved in ongoing education and training to ensure accurate and productive results.


ACS has a multitude of financial reports and statistical information available through our proprietary software, CompuMed. Every field in our billing package can be queried for a tailored report.

Who We Serve

ACS provides revenue cycle management services, proprietary revenue cycle management software, and Healthcare consulting services to over 5,000 Providers ranging from large Academic teaching facilities, Physician practices and other Healthcare entities. Experience in the Healthcare industry, established relationships with payers, dedication to excellence and continuously updated resources are what we offer.

Academic Teaching Facilities

Physicians at teaching facilities are in a unique position, attempting to balance high quality medical education with efficient and uncompromising patient care. Along with the levels of scrutiny and oversight by various government entities and auditors, billing for teaching facilities can be complex and cumbersome.

What sets ACS apart from other billing companies for this specialized service?                 

With a notable number of years in experience, our commitment to our clients results in maximized efficiencies and improved revenue. ACS believes the key to success is in the basics. We educate both the Residents and the teaching Physicians regarding required documentation, proper coding, and compliance.

Hospital Employed Providers

Healthcare reform offers an incentive for hospitals and Physicians to team up and provide more efficient, higher-quality care. Our proprietary software solution affords hospital employed Physicians with the insight they need for an accurate and efficient workflow. Our advanced reporting allows health systems to track performance against various benchmarks and maintain RVU transparency. Properly managing the revenue cycle is critical to maintaining good hospital-Physician relationships as well as patient satisfaction. ACS has a solution to meet the specific needs of hospital employed Providers — from our full revenue cycle management services to consulting services — including credentialing/enrollment, coding, uncompensated care, Provider payment reconciliation and administrative support.


Stand-Alone Physician Practices

ACS currently provides revenue cycle management services to many stand-alone Physician practices in a variety of specialties.


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