Facebook now has over a Billion users, that’s a mind-boggling thousand million people who check their page regularly. The bad guys are irresistibly attracted to a population that large, and here are the Top 5 Scams they are trying to pull off every day of the year.

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile lures you with messages from friends or sometimes malicious ads on your wall to check who has looked at your profile. But when you click, your profile will be exposed to the scammer and worse things happen afterward.
The Facebook Color Changer App tries to trick you to personalize your Facebook page, but it also leads you to phishing sites, deceives you to share the app with friends, and infects your mobile devices with malware. Stay away from it.
Fake Naked Videos There are tons of fake naked videos being posted all the time using the names of celebrities like Rihanna or Taylor Swift that sometimes make it past the Facebook moderators. These scams are in the form of an ad or a post and have a link to bogus YouTube videos. That site then claims your Adobe Flash player is broken and you need to update it – but malware is installed instead!
Facebook Videos With Come-On Titles The bad guys often try enticing titles like “Not Safe For Work” or “Scandalous” to lure you into clicking on these videos and get redirected to phishing sites that steal your personal information.
Check my status update to get free Facebook T-shirt Messages from your Facebook friends to go to their page, and get a free Facebook t-shirt. It’s a scam and remove any access to rogue applications if you have clicked on something like this.
Facebook is what it is. There simply is no way to change the colors of your profile or change the theme. Stay away from such messages if you want to avoid getting your PC infected with malware.

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